Building Facts



  Super efficient rectangular floor plates

  Flexible floor plates with average 24,000 RSF

  30-foot exterior column spacing

•  13’-3” floor-to-floor height

  • Level 2
  • Levels 3-10
  • Levels 11-21

Test Fits

The efficient floor plates work for either creative office space or traditional office environments. Four106 is a new workplace and an ideal fit for today’s workforce.

  • Open Office
  • Hybrid - Mixed Open/Private
  • Private Office
  • Tech Office

Stacking Plan & Building Facts


Floor Sizes: Flexible office floorplates ranging from 20,850 RSF to 24,600 RSF, with average size of 24,000 RSF

Perimeter Columns: 30’ typical spacing along primary facades

Lease Spans: Typical core wall to inside face of glass dimensions: primary facades include 33’-1” along west side and 37’-7” at east side; secondary facades include 38’-3” on north side and 60’-9” on south side

Floor-to-Floor Height: 13’-3” at typical office floors

Clear Heights: 12’-9” clear height from floor to bottom of deck above


Perimeter Windows West: 9’-1” tall vision glass above a 1’-0” sill

Perimeter Windows North/East/South: 7’-4” tall vision glass above 2’-7” sill

Window Module: 5’-0” typical mullion spacing

Vision Glass: 1” insulating glass with high performance Low-E coating


Lobby: Class A lobby with large format tile and stone floors. Lobby walls are a combination of wood, stone and architectural concrete with blackend steel accents featuring a fire place and living plant wall.

Office Elevators: 10 destination dispatch passenger elevators (6 serving high-rise bank; 4 serving low-rise bank)

Garage Elevators: 3 garage transfer elevators up to the Level 1 lobby, Ride Share lounge, and Level 2 fitness amenity

Freight/Service Elevator: 1 dedicated freight elevator

Freight Delivery Lobby: Space provided for secure, enclosed lobby within core

Electrical/IT: Electrical and IT/communications closets on each office floor

Restrooms: Class A finishes with Privada toilet partitions


Structural Floor Systems: Steel framing supporting concrete on metal deck

Columns: Grade 65 KSI steel wide-flange columns

Lateral Load Resisting System: Concrete core shear walls and buckling restrained braced frames

Live Load: 50 PSF + 15 PSF partitions at office area and 100 PSF in core area



Heating provided by air-to-water heat pump, eliminating fossil fuel during moderate temperatures.

High-efficiency natural gas boilers provide heating for peak winter conditions.

Cooling is provided by air-cooled chillers, supplemented by the heat pump in cooling mode for peak summer conditions.


The dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) provides 100% fresh air to office floors.

Air delivered to occupied spaces is filtered by highly effective MERV 13 filters.

The central system is sized to provide 130% of anticipated ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation requirements.

Advanced BAS

Building control system allows central HVAC system to modulate operation as well as demand-based requirements for heating, cooling, and ventilation.